GreenFlights.INFO is a Travel Planning tool.

Guides consumers to flights with reliable on-time performance record.

Identifies flights that are systemically delayed, cancelled, diverted or over-booked

Identifies flights that minimize environmental impact through clean engines and/or minimum delays.


The GreenFlights.INFO website was created by students and faculty working at the Center for Air Transportation Systems Research (CATSR) at George Mason University (GMU).

These dedicated researchers have been studying the foundational mathematic concepts required to model and simulate complex , adaptive, networked, systems, such as the air transportation system. We emphasize holistic stochastic models of the aviation industry that include; economics, environmental impacts, rare-events, security considerations, innovation, and productivity.

The website was developed using internal funds only. Revenue from this website is held in a George Mason University Foundation Fund and is used to cover the costs of maintaining the website and for student research assistanceships. Tax-free donations to support this research can be made to this foundation. Please contact Executive Director CATSR, Dr. Lance Sherry (703-993-1711) for more information.


Airlines have to maintain the integrity of their networks.Some flights are more important to them than others.

Identifies flight that minimise environmental impact through clean engines and/or minimum delays


Green means Go!Flights that fall in the Green zone are reliable and arrive within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time.

Yellow means Caution! Flights that fall in the Yellow zone are consistently late (i.e. more than 15 minutes, but less than 2 hours) . For a direct flight, bring a good book and bottle of water, and you will be fine.If you need to arrive before a specific time (e.g. a connecting flight), pick an alternate flight or have a back-up plan.

Red means Stop! Flights that fall in the Red zone are consistently very late. These flights are likely to be cancelled, experience diversions, experience over-booking, and/or experience lost luggage

Green Index identifies flights that minimize impact to the environment by opertaing clean burning engines and/or minimising excess delays

Notice that some flights have Passenger Trip Delays in the Red, but have Green Index that is Clean? These are generally fuel efficient Regional Jets that are frequently cancelled bumping passengers to the airline's next, or next/next flight of the day.